Hey… thanks for showing up! This is the Tulasi Incense Guru here (real name Dave ;-) ) and if you’re like me, you need to find the time to relax and de-stress the system every now and then.

When you buy decent quality incense it can help you get some really good vibes going… plus it’s relatively cheap compared to most scented candles and the like.

I use Tulasi incense sticks on a regular basis – mainly for creating a very relaxed out atmosphere at home. I find incense is really cool for hiding strong cooking smells (I’m rather partial to pungent HOT curries). Burning a few incense sticks or incense cones is a rather pleasant way to defume my humble abode. Plus it helps me to relax and spend some quality time… doing nothing!

I you’re into incense, or fancy giving it a try, don’t be shy… tell me what you think.

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